As previously noted, any groups reluctant to change according to prevailing conditions are likely to perish.  However, such necessary changes must be made through well-planned systems. A thorough scrutiny of the relevant customs and cultures should be made so as to identify those which are suitable to be retained and separated from the others. The exercise should also take into consideration and emphasis of the community’s identity growth.

It should be clearly understood that the task of changing customs and cultures is not as simple as changing a style of a shirt or dressing on a wound. It is true that some changes can be made by the community itself while others need assistance from OUTSIDE AGENCIES who might have experiences in such changes and good intentions beneficial to the affected community.

If OUTSIDE AGENCIES volunteer to help, then they should aim at offering special priorities above other communities so that those lagging behind are pushed up faster in order to catch up with those who had changed earlier. The relevant community also must be ready to propose definite and possible strategies to the agencies in order to reach decisions that are unanimously acceptable.

The best and easier way to effect the changes is to utilize the leaders within the community whom we know to have a high command and respect within that community. Once these are educated the importance of such changes first, they will impart that knowledge to their subjects. These leaders are the IL’OIBONOK and IL’AIGWENAK of various levels of age groups.

However, that suggestion is not intended to elevate those leaders above their duties assigned traditionally by the community. It is simply giving them an additional know-how for implementation of the changes within the community. After all, these leaders are the ones most expected to be at the forefront when the community enters the era of modern technology use instead of the traditional counting of omen stones “ENGIDONG”. Evidently, it is easier to educate a small group rather than trying to do so to a whole community.