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Afya Bora is an NGO (Non-Governmental Organization) registered in Tanzania under the society's registration rules, 1954, with Certificate of Registration no. SO. 7948, dated 18th of October 1993. It was initiated by Brown Mathew Ole Suya and Barbara D. Bullas. Afya Bora is run by volunteers, who are professionals in areas of general public health and hygiene, concerned individuals, and institutions, which want to see changes for the better health of Tanzanians, particularly in the rural population. The primary objective of Afya Bora is therefore to look into problems of health care and hygiene in general and suggesting the proper/better ways of tackling them.


Afya Bora works to make a difference, particularly in the nomadic pastoralist communities in most needed parts of Tanzania, with Arusha and Manyara regions being a starting point. Afya Bora advocates public awareness against HIV/AIDS. It also advocates accessibility, affordability and quality public health facilities and preventive measures against highly transmitted diseases. Moreover, Afya Bora promotes socially healthy integration and educates citizens who are capable and motivated to address the common health problems of ignorance and poverty.


         To bring no cost First Aid Emergency Care, and health education to the nomadic people of rural areas of Tanzania

         To analyze health problems in the areas, in which Afya Bora performs its duties, and advise local health authorities for possible improvements and more expedition of resolution of such problems

         To work in cooperation with the local dispensaries, particularly where they cannot manage specific health problems, such as patient's transport to a distant hospital that is well equipped with medial facilities

         To canvas from national and international donor organizations, assisting in the acquisition of medicine, equipments, medical supplies, medical personnel, and funding to effect possible expansion of mobile Public Service


Afya Bora shall foster a working relationship with any group of persons or organizations in Tanzania or elsewhere, advocating health assistance to indigenous people in Tanzania.  This affiliation shall be subject to the terms of the statute of such organizations or groups.

Afya Bora shall be an independent, non-governmental organization and shall not be affiliated with or patronized by any political party or groups, and shall  not carry out any of its objectives with a view of obtaining political powers.